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Well, alot has happend in the last week, firstly my grandma died and it was stressfull, i was there when it happened and it was the funeral today.. secondly i went abroad, only for a few days but still..I have suffered IBS-C for a few years but only recently was diagnosed, i suffer all the typical symptoms and find i go days without going to the bathroom, however over the last few weeks the ibs-c seems to have turned into ibs-d, im very uncomfortable and am going very often (once hourly at the moment and stomach making noises and pain), im not used to this being the problem.... is there anything i can do????
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If you go every hour for more than a couple of days I'd go to the doctor. For a few days can be a GI infection (virus or food poisoning) and they can happen to anyone.The problem is if ti goes on too long (especially if water) you can get dehydrated and that could be a problem and more than 10 BM's a day may be something other than IBS even when chronic.Until you can see the doctor have you tried Imodium?
And keep in mind anything new you may have done to help with the C may be working "too" well. So if you have tried anything new for the C... maybe back off a bit on it.So sorry for the loss of your Gram. ((((Hugs))))
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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