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Hi all,
I'm new to the IBS group forums.
I'm a 30 yo female who suffers from acute health anxiety. Recently (about 5 weeks ago) I started working again (after time off due to anxiety related issues) to a full time office managers role. During my first week I noticed I was gasier than usual and my stools were passing pebble like.
I had a family vacation previously booked in my second week and felt fine while away.
Now that I have been back at work again for 2 weeks, my BM have gone back to being pebble like and I'm gassy again.

My BM are still frequent, however I pass pebble like stools, have more flactulence and mucus is present; some times a lot some times none. (I have had mucus present in my BM for a long time now).

I don't have any cronic stomach cramps/pain just a few niggly ones now and then (which I assume to just be gas).

I've been taking Benefibre morning and night for the last 3 days.
I'm not sure whether my stools are hard, or more so just hard to pass.
I'm going about 3 or more times a day (maybe morning but usually always in the afternoon/night), I sit, but I always find it hard to relax, whether I'm at home or not and I sometimes feel as if I haven't evacuated my bowels completely.

I try and drink water during the day, however I could drink more and I sit for majority of the day.

I wanted to see if anyone else experienced similar?
Do you think it could be from sitting for so long?
And I don't know if it's considered constipation if you're going everyday (sometimes 2-3 times a day) and your stools are just hard to pass - not so much hard themselves?

As I mentioned I have severe health anxiety (cancer based usually) so I am frightened stiff at the moment due to the thoughts of it being colon or bowel related cancer.

I have no blood visible in my stools, and they aren't dark.
Some have been small and maybe thin.. but then between some pebbles I have had maybe one regular sized stool. (They aren't like spaghetti noodle thin, maybe a couple have been thumb width).

I have a great doctor, but I don't live near home (where the doctor is) anymore, however I continue to see him as my regular GP.
But rather than run off to the doctors I am trying to learn to manage on my own when my anxiety gets bad.

I was hoping to get some advice here and see whether I'm not alone in these symptoms.. of course i will mention this to my GP next time I see him.

Appreciate you time and replies in advance.
Thank you!

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Hi Flossy, thanks for your reply!
No, not that I'm aware of. My mum hasn't even said anything about it when I have had discussions with her.
I've booked myself a doctors appointment because I just can't stop worrying about it!

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so sorry for your problems.

that's good that you have a doctor's appointment so you can discuss all this with your doctor.

i know it's hard but please try to stop worrying so much. worrying doesn't help and it only makes things seem worse than they really are. please do try to get help for your health anxiety. talk to your doctor or a professional counselor. they can be a tremendous help. also, worrying makes it harder to go because when we worry, we tense up our muscles down there.

you are not alone. there are a number of people here who complain of pebble like stools.

mucus is normal. it is something that your colon produces. it helps lubricate the stool.

yes, please do try to drink more water. water helps move things along and helps soften stools. if you're taking fiber (which isn't always helpful) , drinking water is especially important. otherwise the fiber will just harden things up.

you could also try taking a stool softener like colace. or you could try drinking miralax (movicol). it's an osmotic laxative. play around with the dosage to see what works best for you. usually a daily dose works best for people.

some people find taking magnesium supplements helps soften stools and move them out. . the amount and which type of mag supplement varies from individual to individual. you have to experiment to see what works for you. there are many different kinds: magnesium citrate, magnesium oxide etc. a lot of people like powdered magnesium supplements like natural calm, MagOx or Mag07- you mix in water and drink it . Magnesium relaxes the muscles in the intestines which helps to establish a smoother rhythm and magnesium also helps soften the stool by attracting water to the colon which helps to make stools easier to pass. we've got a ton of magnesium threads on here.

also it does help to try to get some exercise daily, especially if you sit all day. walking or running is good. i used to walk during my lunch time, or before or after work.

thin stools are can be caused by straining. don't strain. it's bad for you rectum and can cause hemorrhoids. here is a good u tube video on how to have a bm without straining

also--if you're having trouble passing your stools, try elevating your feet on something like a foot stool, overturned waste bin, some books or a squatty potty. elevating the feel while sitting on the toilet straightens out the anorectal angle and allows a more complete evacuation. you might have to do some experimenting to find the right height.

good luck with everything and good luck with your doctor's appointment.
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