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I hat e the word IBS. To me, it's a label put on you when you're stomach hurts a ton and they don't really know what the problem is. So, here's my story, and I'm hoping someone has a suggestion for me.

I've always been prone to constipation, for my whole life. When it got bad, drinking coffee and miralax helped. I've never been allergic to any foods, although I grew up drinking lactose-free milk because my father preferred that.

About two years, after I had my second child, I started this one a month cycle where I would be constipated for a week or two, spend two days feeling so nauseous it's like I felt the BMs in my mouth, and then vomit and have explosive diarrhea (usually one after the other, or at the same time). This would be accompanied with such intense stomach pains that I would end up on the floor curled up in a fetal position. Then I would feel great for a few weeks and the cycle continued. I started taking probiotics (culturelle), along with colace, and it seemed to get a bit better.

Finally six months ago, after this cycle started inching in on the 2 week mark, and after complete desperation, I saw a GI. I was given a colonoscopy, which showed ulcers (as a result of the constipation) and was put in Linzess. At first, it worked like a charm and I was thrilled. Slowly, it's turned my constipation into diarrhea. After a stool sample (which was negative for colitis and celiac disease), and after a few more visits my lovely GI got super annoyed with me and took me off the Linzess. I was told to do a low-FODMOP diet, go dairy free, take benifiber once a day, and if I don't have BM every day use a supposatory that night.

I've followed this dutifully for a week, and today I wake up and end up vomitting while having an explosive BM. It was initially hard to get out and yet turned so quickly into something close to diarrhea. And after finishing, I didn't (and usually do not) feel like I got everything out.

I'm starting to try acupuncture as well. But the fact that only a week in I still have horrible stomach pain and IBS symptoms does not make me feel super confident in the low-FODMOP diet. (Which is quiet difficult for me to adhere to.)

I would love any suggestions, advice, or even any positive vibes you can send my way.
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