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IBS Clinical Trial in L.A. Area

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Today I got a notice in the mail inviting me to participate in a clinical trial to evaluate an investigational medication for the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome. (It was addressed to me, so I guess I must be on a bowel disorder mailing list. I wonder who "ratted me out"?) The study is being conducted by the Long Beach Gastroenterology Associates in Long Beach, CA. Participants must be men and women in relatively good health over 18 years of age and diagnosed with IBS. They get free study-related physical exams and lab work, EKGs, study-related care, study medications and compensation for time and travel. Interested parties can phone Clinical Research Coordinator C. McGowan, RN, at (562) 595-5421 ext. 33 or fax (562) 426-2862.Am I going to participate? Probably not. I would probably be disqualified on the "relatively good health" requirement, given the bladder, automimmune and perimenopause problems I'm dealing with. I take so many other medications there'd be no way to tell if theirs was helping! I don't know if anyone else here would want to participate, but at least it's neat to find out they're testing more drugs for IBS. (Am I wrong, or do I get the impression that Lotronex is not turning out to be the miracle we hoped it would be?)
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Thanks for the info Ziggy. I live in the west end of the S.F. Valley. There's another clinical studies group in Burbank. Sorry to hear about the other medical problems, but if your intrested their number is (818) 845-3772 ask for Deanna Bundy. Still trying to find address. -JR
I live in the San Diego area and plan on calling both to see what its about.
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