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Im so confused with IBS. I saw my regular PA a couple months ago because I was concerned about the narrowing stools I was having. It seemed to get narrower over time, so I was worried. She then said that it is probably just IBS and believed it to be from constipation because I was also experiencing a lot of cramping and from the exam she believed I had some trapped gas too.

What Im confusing myself about this whole IBS stuff is, why would my PA consider my condition to be due to constipation if I was still going ALMOST every day. Some days it wasnt a lot, but it was something. There was straining involved in most of those days, with narrow results...but does that count as constipation still? 99% of my movements are soft with the occasional small ball constipation classic symptom.

What makes the stool soft every time? I would think that if my colon was moving too quickly for full digestion that it would be diarrhea (rarely the case.) and if it moves too slowly then there is a buildup resulting in constipation. Is there some gray area that Im in? Ive been taking miralax and magnesium because Im starting to freak myself out that maybe there is a build up somewhere and the soft stools are just passing through it? Is that even possible or is my imagination just being cruel to me? Lol. I have decided to stop freaking out thinking that Im dying or have some horrific cancer because I havent seen any blood and therefore, I will not torture myself thinking those thoughts.

Yesterday and today I feel super nauseous and CRAZY bloated. The last few days I was on vacation and have been not been able to fully empty (even after a 4 mile hike). Today I had a very long candy cane shaped soft stool and I feel a little better, but not completely.

So, am I IBS C or some weird combination of C and D? Should I continue the Miralax or should I switch to Benefiber or both? I just want to feel like my bloating is going to go away and I can feel normal again!! Any insight or advice is greatly appreciated!!
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