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IBS, cron's,latose itolerant,mucus in stool, very bad pain etc.........

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OK, i haven't posted in a long time!! but recently i've benn having lots of attacts,i was told when i was 17 years old i had IBS,now my question is,i'm a huge milk drinker and i love ice cream, almost all dairy stuff,but i notice that everytime i eat or drink that stuff i get bad cramps, wicht i tough it was normal you know?because i have IBS,but.... last week i had like 3 bad attacts, like so painful i almost pass out and on top of that i never have IBS D, i was having IBS D &C and name it i had it,but my IBS is mostly really bad pain,anyways for 5 days i stop the dairy products, and i feel a lot better,then i made a test, i eated a yougourt and the next day i had cramps and IBS D,so my pharmacis said maybe i'm latose intolerant,i try a lactaid right before a glass of milk,guess what? i hade nothing!!!!!!!no pain no anything, and i've been talking that all week everytime i have a dairy product,so now i'm wondering if i do have IBS?and how do you know its not cron's? like what's the difference?i mean is it possible i was only latose intolerant?is that still consider IBS?and also i have lots of mucus in my stool sudenly, i mean i haven't hade any IBS attacts in awile but for the past 2 weeks, its going nuts!!!and i'm trying the mind gut thing because when i suffer like this the pain takes over me and then i get scared to eat, anyways any advice?????thanks
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It sounds like you are lactose intolerant. Does it mean you don't have IBS-hard to say. By what you wrote it could very well be a problem w/dairy. If it turns out that way-good news for you. That is a little more manageable. The pains could be gas and bloating. If you don't have them when you take a lactaid pill than I would say my thoughts could be correct. Do you notice any other problems with other food?
well,to be honnest like i said this week was the fisrt week i've been trying lactaid and yes, i haven't had any other pain with other foods,this week, just today i hade a little D because yesterday i eated chicken and i think it wasen't cook properly,anyways i'm more careful about what i eat,i still stay away from spicy foods,pop corn,things that sometimes give me IBS, but now i'm wondering that maybe i was having IBS symtoms because,i would drink milk like all day, and if i would eat other stuff it would mix, maybe that's possible? what do you think?
Anything is possible when it comes to IBS. Dairy sounds like a real problem for you. Maybe you should keep a food journal for awhile and write down how you are feeling. You may just find that it is only lactose intolerance. If you see that there are other foods giving you similar probs than make a drs appt. Right now it does not sound like IBS, but I am not a dr. Just my opinion based on what you have said.Keep us posted!
well, so far with my lactaid i did not get any IBS attact, so i guess this mean i'm latose intolerant?i mean i eated a buch of stuff,and everytime this week when i had dairy products i toke lactaid and no cramps or nothing!!!were did my IBS go? hmmmmmmmmm...well if that's all i have i'm ahppy, but i found this out by my self!
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