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IBS-D and Libido?

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I have had IBS-D for 4 years and have found a major decrease in my sex drive. Have any of you males out had simular issues. Its very frustrating and its starting to take a toll on my relationship.
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Did you (do you) smoke? I did for about 30 years and it greatly effected both. One of the outcomes of increasing my blood circulation with the flavonoids was to reverse the male smokers' impotence along with eliminating the D.Mark
I'm never been a smoker. The problem isn't the physical aspect. Its more of even being in the mood to do it. I've definetly noticed a coroaltion between the onset of my IBS-D and urge to have sex.
Sorry, I'm not male but my IBS-D has significantly decreased my sex drive too.
im female but my sex drive hasnt been affected to my knowledge.... though if ive been really ill cant say as i much feel like anything.. most days ill im fine though
I'm female, and I must say this condition has not been great for my sex drive and sex life. When my stomach hurts the LAST thing I want to do is get it on, especially after a bout. I just feel gross and dirty even after I take a shower. It's gotten to the point where even when my stomach feels okay, I get anxious about it hurting again in the middle of... and I have very little sex drive anymore. I think it's mental for me, though, not physical. This condition has not been very good for my relationship!
I have noticed a definite decrease in sex drive. Sometimes I don't even want to attempt it for fear of getting an attack in the middle. Also the horrible gas pains are not very romantic. Then you add in all the side effects of the antidepressants and I can take it or leave it. I have actually found a correlation between sex/orgasm and having an IBS-D attack afterwards. Has anybody else experienced this?
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Yes I've had that. I think it may be similar to runner's diarrhea.
I do agree..See my prevous post: really need help..and we should continue to chat about this difficult but important subject!
OH MY GOSH! I have the same thing - I'm a female, but there's definitely been a decrease. While my husband understands the IBS thing, there just something about gas during intercourse that makes me not feel so sexy. I'd just rather be celebate than worry about ISB.
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