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IBS(D) and Monthly Curse

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Hello,I had to stay home from work yesterday because the IBS(D) etc was so severe when I got my women's monthly curse on Saturday.I am so depressed that I have to live this way. I am tired of living in my bedroom all of the time. How are other women with the same problem handeling this? I start getting depressed as soon as I look at the calendar and know what I am in for once again.I was on Lotronex for 11 weeks and it gave me my live back. I was able to live like other people do. It helped my husband and myself have a great life even if only for a short time. I have had IBD(D) for over ten years and I keep praying that Lotronex will be made available again(ASAP).DeDe
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I can relate as well. My periods with the IBS-D became so debilitating that I was out for a week every month. A combination of the Depo-Provera Birth control shot to control the periods (you don't cycle much, if at all with the shot) and taking Amitriptyline for the rest seems to have gotten all my symptoms under control. You can read more about my story in the Lotronex page under "an alternative to try", I hope you are able to find an answer as well, if nothing else you know you have support for what you and your family are contending with.I wish you health and happiness.
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