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IBS(D) and Monthly Curse

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Hello,I had to stay home from work yesterday because the IBS(D) etc was so severe when I got my women's monthly curse on Saturday.I am so depressed that I have to live this way. I am tired of living in my bedroom all of the time. How are other women with the same problem handeling this? I start getting depressed as soon as I look at the calendar and know what I am in for once again.I was on Lotronex for 11 weeks and it gave me my live back. I was able to live like other people do. It helped my husband and myself have a great life even if only for a short time. I have had IBD(D) for over ten years and I keep praying that Lotronex will be made available again(ASAP).DeDe
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1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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