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IBS-D and periods?!

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I am 18 years old and an IBS-D sufferer. Do any other IBS victims suffer from insane IBS-D when they are on their periods? My periods used to be fine, a little sore, and a little heavy, but I could live with them. Now they are too much to handle. The cramps are insane and so incredibly painful and sore. I have diarrhoea as well whilst I am on my period and I occasionally throw up. I'm an anxious person, so I dread when my period comes! If I didn't have IBS and just suffered from painful periods, I wouldn't mind. It's just that I suffer from stomach cramps and pains every day from my IBS, and now I have to go throw intense, painful period pains. It immobilises me and I just have to stay in one position in bed, clutching to a hot water bottle. (I'm doing this as we speak!)

I was recently on the pill, but noticed that my IBS was getting worse, and more violent. My nausea was becoming ore severe, and my doctor said that the pill could definitely trigger my IBS, so I had to stop it.

My question to the fellow female IBS sufferers is that does anyone else suffer like this? And if so, did you start suffering after you have been diagnosed with IBS? Did your periods become worse? Or how can I make the pain stop. I'm scared to take Immodium incase I then suffer from constipation pains as well as these period pains.

Please, someone help me.

Kind regards,

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This happens to me too. It's gotten worse since I started birth control. A couple of things that might help...

Part of what causes digestive upset during the menstrual cycle are hormones called prostaglandins. They affect a lot of PMS symptoms, including the contraction of the uterus and other muscles in the region like your intestines. When the levels start changing during your period, your digestion gets upset. This happens to a lot of women, even those who don't have IBS.

Luckily, ibuprofen (Advil) is a prostaglandin blocker that will help keep your body from going haywire during your period. Taking some Advil during your period will help with the pain in general, as well as the digestive troubles. Start taking Advil a couple of days before your period and after it starts to "fortify" yourself against hormone-related diarrhea.

I've also taken other meds when Advil alone doesn't cut it...Imodium is potent stuff, but the pills can be broken in half pretty easily. Try taking half a pill instead of a full one, it may take the edge off without giving you constipation. Or, get a bottle of liquid Pepto Bismol. Since it's liquid, it's easier to control the dosage and you can take a half, a third, etc. of the medicine to help with diarrhea. PB also works wonders for nausea, so if your stomach feels icky around that time of the month, take a little Pepto.
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