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hey everyone, i posted on here a few months ago talking about IBS-D and vitamin D for me, .. mainly about how it was effective for me in preventing a lot of 'flare ups' and such.. i also resolved to still keep trying supplements and such to help me move can check out my previous posts etc. Anyhow, .. i wanted to share something with everyone and see if anyone had a similar experience. It's weird.. because I live in Toronto, ON Canada, and in September i was in Manhattan, and picked up a product at some store called 'Ultra-zyme' .. a supposedly potent digestive enzyme product... anyhow, i remember that when in nyc, i took it, before every meal and i seriously, im not kidding, had no urgency after a meal, and ate anything.. (normally i avoid anything with wheat flour, lactose, high amounts of sugar, gluten etc)...Ok, .. let's move back to Feb 2010.. where we are now.. im going to manhattan again in a week, and was going thru my cabinet of stuff i take daily to prep what i would bring.. which would be1. l-glutamine2. fibre/caprylic acid/bentonite clay3. vitamin-D (5000 iu) 4. digestive enzymes..5. Probiotics (powdered b.infantis) 6. Omega-3s(i took a pic..see below)
ok ok .. so anyhow, i found the bottle again in the back, and had totally forgotten about them... so, i decided to try em again, .. and to be honest, was a bit pissed at myself for totally forgetting them...i take one before every meal.. about 15 mins before.. my habits in the past 4 days have changed from 4 BM's a day, usually 30 mins after every meal.. incomplete BM's.. to only one BM in the mornings, complete, .. i would say my symptoms have improved 85%.. i still am careful with what i eat, but people without IBS have to as well, .. ..anyhow, guys, it made a huge difference, .. i dont get urgency anymore, and can stay at work all day.. the only time i still have the urge for a bm is in the morning when i wake up, and sometimes in the evening.. but seriously i had a coke and pizza for lunch during a business meeting, and i was fine, and still have been all day.. i think im most excited because in canada we cannot get xifaxan or rifaximin ...( I bought pimental's book) and was going to get a script filled while in NYC, but im not going to anymore.. but i follow the exact same symptoms of ibs-d as most people do.. anyhow.. i just found it on amazon and ordered 4 bottles, and will pick some up again in nyc, .. im curious if anyone else tried this product because ive never had luck with other broad-spectrum digestive enzymes.. You cannot get it on where i live, .. so i went on .. there are only 4 reviews, but they are the same as what i said, and im going to post a review this evening on there(btw, i dont work for a marketing company, or product pharmaceuticals or vitamin company.. i do public-sector management consulting for a living.. i just wanted to share this.. i tend to only post when i find something has really helped me) as an aside, for the past 4-5 days while on this, ive stopped everything else, .. so the results are not in combination.. what's weird is that ive taken enzymes before and betaine HCL, but no results like this..If anyone tries it, PLEASE let me know if you had the same results feelings as me.. i do get a touch of gas, but the urgency is gone, as is loose stools.. kinda better than taking an immodium every day.. i took two pics with my camera and will try to upload here.. this is what it says on the back:
Pancreatin 4X (quadruple strength) 325 mg Supplying:protease (tryspin & chymotrypsin) 32.5 USP units Lipase (pancreatic lipase) 2.6 USP units Amylase 32.5 USP units Glutamic Acid HCl 200 mg Acidophilus (Lactobacillus, Bulgaricus, Bifidus) 150 mg*Ox Bile 120 mg Bromelain (1:10) (from pineapple) 100 mg Pepsin NF (1:15,000) 65 mgPapain (from papaya) 65 mg Malt Diastase 65 mg Cellulase 20 mg Hemicellulase 5 mg Lactase 5 mg *Daily value not established.
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