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Hello all,

I am new here, but in need of some assistance. It would greatly be appreciated.

When I was little, I used to have dirreaha often and blood in my stool. Growing up, it was annoying, but easily managable. Starting 6-7 months ago, everything changed. I went to bed one night with a fever and head ache, my sleep was restless and awoke early in pain. A few hours later, it exploded. It was the most unbearable pain I have ever faced. I was crying and screaming for help, writhing in pain. It was stomach pain, I tried to use the bathroom but I wasn't able to go. It felt like constipated dirreaha, my insides were cramping but no matter what I did, it would not stop. I went to the doctor, they told me to rest, and that it may be a bad bug. The problem is... It never went away. The episode lasted over a week. Pure agonizing pain. I was unable to eat or function. I went to the ER but they were unable to help. With time, it started to slowly let up and I felt hopeful it was a bad bug.

Unfortunately, I was wrong.

Since, I have had multiple of these unbearable flares with a wide range of symptoms. Chronic dirreaha started soon after, no matter what I do, I have dirreaha many days a week. When I have normal bowel movements they are multicolored (assortment of pale and brown) along with odd white on the stool. The white ranges from small strands that hang off the stool, to a blob almost resembling a mold. Nevertheless, the white only appears with normal bowel movements. The dirreaha is horrid. The most foul smelling and sticky stool I have ever come into contact with (think baby dirreaha but 10 times smellier) I rub myself raw to the point of bleeding, but I can't manage to clean myself fully of it until I shower. The smell sticks to me, and it is utterly embarrassing.

Over these months, my life has gone down hill. Dealing with dirreaha 3-5 times a day is one thing, but the other symptoms are another. I have been constantly tired and dizzy, and because of the pain of the flares, I am unable to get to my studies or function. I have lost over 20 pounds and I constantly eat in order to stop from losing more. The pain, it prevents me from sleeping.

The pain is most bothersome. It never leaves, although it does lessen. On the average pain scale, I am able to function at a 4. My flares.... bring about 6-7 on the scale. I am lucky if I am able to get to the toilet without falling or screaming. A lot of the flares come about without dirreaha. They are just waves of pain. On horrible days, the waves are endless, no break inbetween. I really start to drown, I lose control of my actions, and... I can't function at those levels. I have been to the doctor, but they can do very little, I have only waited doubled over in their office with little relief. The flares last days to weeks... Endless pain.... On those days, the pain is so great, I can barely eat or drink. i lay in bed and only get up to use the bathroom. My last flare.... I was unable to get dressed and clean myself.... Matts developed in my hair....

My lower right side is the most troubling. On days of 4-5, it bothers me. Not only does it ache to the touch, but it hurts. I will walk or move a certain way, and I feel jolts of pain. Some days, out of nowehere, i get horrible jolts of pain. Like an electric shock that last a few seconds and then vanishes... It is enough to make me jump and cry for help... But by the time help arrives from a few feet away, it is gone. The twitching is what bothers me the most, it does so constantly. Twitching almost like there is a fluttering bird trapped to my side. Sometimes it hurts, but mostly, it exhausts me and I hate to eat because it starts up. On days of my flares, my right side, it feels different. When pressed, I can hear fluid and a lot of it. When I touch my left there is nothing and no pain. Back to my right, it remains until the flares end....

I have been to many doctors for my condition. I have been diagnosed with allergies to egg and chicken. I have cut them from my diet and no progress was made. I have had colonoscopies and blood work done. I had stool samples taken and most of the routine tests done. I have had a CT scan and a pelvic ultrasound. On a lucky note, my gyno suspects me of having endometrosis, and has been treating me since.

On my own, I have tried acupuncture, hypnotherapy, breathing techniques, probiotics, low FODMAP diet, herbal remedies, and anti-spasm medication.

I am sorry this is so long. I am really lost as to what to do. I am young, below 19 (female). I would really appreciate if anyone has any adivce or input. I am truly struggling right now and lost as to if I'll ever recover.
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