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IBS- D please respond to my question.

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Hi all. This is my first Post, but have had this since I was a kid, I'm 26. What is everybody's recommendation for a guy who just wants to be able to take something on a rare occassion to protect from a bout of the D. I have pretty good control with using calcium and bulking agent. But I often fly on prop jets without restrooms aboard and I get concerned that I might have a shot of the D, and there is no bathroom. I was givin Levsin but I don't know if this works for D?? And if it does how should I exactly take it?? Would you recommend just taking a big shot of immodium in the morning before the flight or is there something better for a quick fix to combat a bout of the D (perhaps lomotril)?? I go weeks without problems, but get a shot of the D sometimes when I'm nervous (example when I fly on small jets). Any suggestions to this long post. Thanks.
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Hi Bernardo--Has the Immodium helped you in the past? If so, I would take it before a flight just to be on the safe side. Hope it helps! Good luck to you!
I also take non-drowsy form of Dramamine. That helped me a lot actually. I know that it's mainly for motion sickness, but heck, I was happy with the no-D side effect!
I also vote for Immodium. I use it all the time to prevent problems when I'm going ANYWHERE!
Immodium is on the yes list for me. I am not a "d" person usually though but when I am I tend to take something (natural remedy) called Tormentil Complex from a company called Bioforce which seems to do the trick for me. I think it's available outside the UK....I also have Bach Flower remedies when flying etc to calm my nerves a bit. (I am however on a lose dose of Beta Blockers at the moment which seem to be very good at chilling me out- I still worry a bit but only fleetingly).
Immodium. Immodium is the best travel trick I have. I am also careful of what I eat. If it is a short trip I don't eat until I have arrived at a destination where I have ample time and bathrooms. Otherwise on longer trips I eat very lightly, no greasy food etc. Levsin never stopped diarreah for me. It helps some people with cramps. It doesn't even do that for me. But we are all different so I hope that Levsin helps you out.
I find taking 2 tablets of Lomotil to help control the frequency and severity of diarrhoea. Abdominal pain and gaseous distension are still problems. Imagine I am a doctor of 20+ years experience and I cannot do anything to help myself!
Thank you everybody for your responses. I have trusted immodium for the past year or two and have done pretty well with it. As for you Bhteh, since you are a doctor. What is the best med. to clog someone up. I am thankful when I am constipated as are most of IBS-D people. In your opinion is Lomotil the best way to clog yourself up or is there something else that some people find works even better, what works the best for your patients(other than immodium of course)?? Thanks. B
I'm not bhteh, but I just wanted to say that I think Lomotil is going to be different for each person. A lot of people here had told me it worked great for them, so I asked my doctor for some before going on our vacation this July. I took it a few days before to make sure it worked okay. I'm glad I did because it didn't work at all for me. I still had horrible D, and it made very VERY sleepy (actually it put me out for a nap!) and I felt kinda dopey on it. I didn't like that at all.I think that's why doctors can't say what will constipate a person because it's so different for each person. I went out today and bought a bottle of calcium. Gonna try that again since I'm having so much trouble! It has worked for me in the past!
If a Dr. with 20 yrs. exp. (bhteh) I think his board name was,cannot find relief with IBS, how in the world are we ever going to find the answer??
Definetly, Immodium....generic works the best for me....Calcium with Immodium.../AWESOME, but then you have C and the cycle starts all over again.....I would like to hear from the Doc again on his opinion on what plugs you up the best
Immodium is fine. But it sometimes still gives you the burn of the attack without the relief on it's way. (locks it in) I took Levsin also, but it was only good if you take it just before you eat. It only lsts about an hour. It wasn't reliable either. You could still get a D attack, but it would be a lot less. I also tried antidepressants, which did somewhat work, but not reliable either. I now take Colestid. It is a dream drug for IBD'ers. It takes away attacks and D. I take half (4 mg) the recommended dose (8mg per day) and find this to be suitable. It has changed my life. I never get attacks if I remember to take it daily. (no other side effects either) Completely safe. I am 37 and have suffered, since at least age 5. This is the only thing that has worked for me. Ask your doctor about it.
Is Colestid the same thing as Cholestyramine???
Yes, I suppose it is. I just looked it up and it sounds like they are similar. Colestid does not have a generic, so it is not the same but very similar. Is this something you can not take?Some info on it:COLESTID (colestipol hydrochloride) binds bile acids in the intestine forming a complex that is excreted in the faeces. This nonsystemic action results in a partial removal of the bile acids from the enterohepatic circulation, preventing their reabsorption. Since COLESTID is an anion exchange resin, the chloride anions of the resin can be replaced by other anions, usually those with a greater affinity for the resin than chloride ion.
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