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I have been suffering with IBS - D for over 10 years now. I have gone to several GI docs (5) and been through 3 GP/internal medicine docs as well. I finally found a doctor who believed what I was saying and found a remedy. Symptoms = frequent motions, as much as 3 times a day. Unpredictable, urgent calls. Accompanied with gas, bloating, etc.Side symptoms = started getting mal-absorption symptoms. Weakness, muscle/weight loss. Joint pain, eye pain etc. What I did = visited number of docs for IBS as well as pointed symptoms. e.g. talked to eye doc who didnt find anything wrong with my eyes.Medication = I was on nortryptelene (Spelling) 10 mg for about a year. That certainly helped reduce the bloating and move food through the system as opposed to getting "stuck".What Worked = After about a year of nortryptelene, is when I found a doc who would listen. This is what she prescribed1) Full course of Flagyl - Ayurvedic medication (Kuta tablets) anti-worm tablets (dont have the name)4) Probiotic - 2 times a day (She gave me a prescription probiotic, but i have used Dr Ohirro and Jarrow Dohphilus with good results)The diagnosis she did was Amoebiasis!! Was shocked that this didnt come up in the multiple tests that I did. Doctors were so lazy in figuring out the root cause !! I discontinued nortryptelene. I took these about 2 years back and if I was 3/10 (10 being normal), this brought me to about 5. After about 6 months, I went back to her as symptoms started reappearing. She redid a course of Flagyl and advised me to repeat Flagyl again after 2-3 months in case symptoms came back. Symptoms did come back and I repeated Flagyl again. This was about 6 months back. Effectively over the last year, my symptoms have decreased to the point I am now a 8/10. After 10 years of misdiagnosis, I doubt I can ever get back to a 10, but I am much better at 8/10. All my joint aches, eye pain, fatigue, etc has gone away. I go only 1-2 two times a day with controlled motions.On a continuous basis, I am now taking 1 probiotic every day to make sure I dont relapse. If symptoms reappear, I will take Flagyl as it seems to have helped me.I do believe IBS is a real issue. However, in many cases, I think doctors dont do enough to diagnose the root cause and attribute many digestive problems to IBS and take the easy route in diagnosis. This causes more pain to the patient, not much loss for the doc.Am hoping this info can help others.
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