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I was able to completely cure myself of irritable bowel syndrome four years ago by some simple diet changes, and I have had no relapse. The following treatment worked for me, and hopefully will for many of you, especially those who may have dairy or wheat allergies. Allow at least a few weeks to see results. I have never visited these sorts of sites, so apologies if this is not new information. I will not be returning to this site either--just offering this info as a public service. If it works for you, feel free to let me know at but I won't engage in debate on the topic.This is what I did:1. I stopped eating wheat products completely for a month, then only ate them in small amounts occasionally. Substituted rye bread for wheat bread, always ate thin crust pizzas, avoided biscuits, substituted white wine for beer etc2. Stopped eating dairy products for a month, and now only eat very occasionally. Drink milk only in tea, avoid coffee made by milk (cafe-lattes), no yogurt (I miss that!), use soy milk on breakfast cereal, avoid dips made with dairy/cheese etc.3. Other changes included cutting out peanuts, any food with flavour enhancers (such as many potato chips)4. And of course continuing my generally healthy lifestyle of exercise and good food, plenty of fruit and vegies etc. I hope that this helps some people
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