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Hello all,

I apologize if this is posted in the wrong forum.

Long story short, I used to be a member here (username: MyOwnSavior) but life kind of got in the way (and I forgot my password and such and wasn't able to get into the email address associated with my old account).

In any case, I don't want to write my life story (that's for another forum, I suppose).

Instead, I wanted to pass along an advocacy opportunity that I have recently come across.

There's an important bill that is apparently being somewhat ignored in the House of Representatives at the moment, and I think it would benefit all of us who suffer from digestive concerns to let our local representative know that digestive concerns are an important area of research.

To do this, simply go to this website then scroll to the bottom, type in your zip code, and follow the directions to send an email to your local representative. You don't even have to type a personalized message - as the form will auto populate with suggested text (however it's probably helpful if you do so).

I apologize if this is in the wrong forum.

Thank you all for your advocacy efforts on behalf of this very important issue.

Best regards!
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