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IBS DOES run in my family!

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Yesterday, when visiting my paternal grandmother in the hospital, I was amongst the company of many of my family members from that side. Upon telling them about my flex sig on Thursday and why, two of my aunts piped up saying, "Oh I have that." I always knew that my dad has had a very active digestive system. He belches a lot and is very prone to indigestion. But one of my paternal aunts is on Librax and the other is on medication for colitis. Then, upon talking to my mother today, she mentioned beefing up on Immodium the day of and the day before my wedding. In a way it was comforting to hear all about my family's GI problems and to see how they've managed to live pretty normal lives.
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My father had IBD, my father's sister had colitis, my nephew has IBS, my daughter has IBS, I have ulcerative colitis. Think maybe your right about family tendencies.
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