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Hi all I am new here and I joined because I have suffered with IBS for the past 1.5 years and have been trying everything to be rid of it. I believe I am on the right track and I would like to share what I know. I am a gourmet mushroom farmer and have a good amount of experience in observing the relationships and growth behavior among bacteria, yeasts, and other microbes. I have to know about these things to be successful in preventing contaminations in my cultures and sanitary growing environments.

It is my belief, as I am sure is many of yours, that IBS, etc has a foundational cause of improper gut bacteria/yeasts/protozoa. For about 6 months I was trying every kind of probiotic and even got on making my own kombucha and raw milk kefir. All seemed to only help slightly and taken lots of the kefir/kombucha actually seemed to make symptoms of gas and bloating worse. Things got real bad for a couple weeks when I ate homemade saurkraut and italian sausage which caused a food poisoning like reaction, but was really the ibs flaming up (as other people at it and were fine). I didn't eat for 3 days and couldn't drink water for 2 days and I lost a lot of weight, but afterwards I felt the best I had in a long time, like the problem had been puked and fasted out of me.

But after about 2 weeks of feeling rid of IBS the symptoms came back. Since then I have been trying exercise, limiting diet, avoiding carbs, etc with nothing really working other than eating small meals more often.

2 weeks ago i began taking 5-htp because in my research I learned that serotonin was important in gut motility and I searched and indeed found a couple people that said it cured them of symptoms. I can tell you that it definitely helps taking 1 100mg pill with breakfast every day. I notice a mood uplift and atm I am only have to poop once a day in the mornings. My brother coincidentally told me right before I began taking 5-htp about a Yoga instructor that said 'long turd long life' in that a long solid poop means perfect digestion. And it so happens that since I have been taking the 5-htp my poo has that long life in it lol.

But I was still getting some gas pangs and feelings of inflammation so I had to think more about it. Just like wet compost heats up with extreme microbiological activity so will your insides if more water is added to your food than needed. It is the extra microbes that eat at your gut and provide a home for viruses and other worse bacteria that cause Chrone's, etc. So all today I haven't had but a cup of coffee in the morning and a small cup of soda with dinner. I ate a very light breakfast and lunch and consumed no water with it. I have to say I am feeling better and will update on how things go. Usually I will get stomach gas pangs when I ate as much as I did but so far not much. And my mouth is still wet with saliva so I am not dehydrated too much.

I think it is a myth that everyone needs 8 glasses of water a day, as well as yellow urine is bad. My view is that if you have enough spit to swallow a bite of food you don't need any fluid. You have to remember lots of food already contains mostly water like pasta, veggies, meats, and fruits. I have noticed a trend that when I look the fattest (bloated) in the mirror I usually feel worse symptoms. I think it was the 2 days of dehydration too that made the symptoms go away when I became sick for the two weeks.

Anyone else thought about this tred? I'll post in a few days if it is working.

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