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Well here it is 2:30 in the morning and I'm up. Have following symptoms (from neck down LOL). runny nose (could be sinus, I've got my windows open) neck and shoulders stiff and sore. ringing in ears, jaws sore. abdominal cavity feels like it's full of hot water. passed 10 plus pain hours ago. BP 118/67 and heart rate 78. pain under right rib going to side, around navel and perhaps an inch lower side to side. pain in lower back above hips. every joint and muscle in body really hurts. feet even hurt to walk, hips especially, and hand and finger joints. touch me anywhere on body right now and I'll lay you out flat, I mean it, it hurts that bad. took 250 mg of vicodin and I hated to do that, but had to. feel like i could throw up. no vomiting tho and no diahhrea. i had a piece of chocolate cake saturday at noon. could that have set this off? I would appreciate any comments right now. Even if you say go to shrink, I'm that desperate. (and I'm already going to one)
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