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I think here DAIRY FREE Soymage Non-Dairy Vegan Products Back For consumers who are allergic to dairy products, specifically milk protein and/or are practicing a vegan lifestyle, Galaxy has formulated the best tasting dairy free cheese product line on the market -- Vegan Singles). The Vegan line is completely dairy free, contains no animal fats and has no casein. Soymage products are low fat or fat free, cholesterol free, lactose free, all natural and 100% dairy free.Vegan Singles individually Wrapped Sliced Cheese in Mozzarella and Yellow AmericanGreat on sandwiches!Vegan Chunk Cheese in Mozzarella, Cheddar, Jalapeno, and Italian HerbUse in salads or as an appetizer.Vegan Grated ParmesanGreat topping for veggies or bread!Vegan Sour CreamUse in any recipe calling for sour cream or use in a vegetable dip.Vegan Cream CheeseSpread on your favorite bread, muffin or bagel!
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