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IBS getting worse

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I have been having IBS symptoms for a while now and was having really bad abdominal pain . Went to the Doctor who has put me on colofac ( mebeverine ). This morning I woke to have the very bad D, I ate pasta and a pepper sause last night and guess that is what the problem is. While I understand I have IBS I can't help but get so stressed out with it. I am 33 and a single parent to 2 great kids. Today I just don't want to leave the house and I just hate feeling like this. Any advice on how to cope and not allow this to control my every waking moment would be most welcome but either way I am glad I have found this site.Bruce
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Well I had to radicaly change my diet. Nothing else worked for me. Good luck.
Ever since I had an bad stomach virus in June, my IBS has been awful, D at least every other day. For me it does not matter what I eat, I still get D. One day I can eat sauce and the next time I cannot, in fact even Lotronex failed me at times!!!
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