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Hi,I am looking for others who suffer with IBS and live in Australia.I am a 24yo female who lives in Brisbane, I feel so alone with this disorder so to talk with others who feel the same way would help.I suffer with IBS D.Kind RegardsRachel.

you re not aloneI am �bs d and have found this bb veryy posts from: LNAPE, eric's site is fabulously helpful and tell you everything, guy, flux, bettieI have found that theses people have really lessened my problemI t<ake:libraxcalcium 1000-1500mg a dayimmodium saves my life everydaynow I say yes to every invitation and I feel confident with immodium and the calcium has stopped the urgency I used to feel everytime I went out!!!! librax calms my stomach and the anxiety lessens
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