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As I just posted over in the IBS-D forum, I'm learning that some of my coworkers (including one of the higher-ups) are talking behind my back about my having to call off from time to time due to IBS flare-ups. Normally, stuff like this bothers me because I am (and always have been) a super-sensitive person. In this case, though, I'm not as bothered by it. I was surprised to hear about these remarks in one case, yet wasn't surprised in another. I got so much hassle from my bosses at my previous job because of IBS that I think I've become somewhat desensitized to it. I've begun to stop caring what other people think, because it's something I can't control. It's just too bad that people feel the need to take pot shots at you when you're down. We are dealing with something that's very real, even though those who point and snicker (or whatever) seem to think we're just blowing off work. Needless to say, my opinion of these coworkers is very low, and I no longer have any professional respect for them.Has anyone else had similar experiences?
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