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I have been taking meds for my IBS since I was 11yrs old, I am now 26 and have stopped taking all meds pretty much. But my question is has there ever been a study that suggests whether or not IBS meds cause or can lead to impotence in men and infertility in women?? I stopped taking meds so often after my friends kept questioning me about the meds and telling me that I should just let nature run its course and so on and so forth. I have taken prilosec, tagament, nulev, and many many more. Some times as this may sound totalling stupid, but sometimes when my stomach filled with cramps, bloating and explosive D is occuring, if I smoke a cigarette it helps to calm everything down, but then I'm stuck with bad breath and developing a smoking habit. Any info received would be great thanks all. PS I have IBS, Acid Reflux and I'm Lactose Intolerant on top of everything. I'm totally screwed but I live everyday to the fullset and take many many needed bathroom breaks. Did I say that I believe that I am the fastest driver in all of New Jersey (LOL)
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