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HI, i'm Andy and I am new here, i thought id write something about why I am here, mainly how I am not sure of what I have and the road to trying to figure it out and get cured.

My main frustration is that I have been told and read, that IBS isn't curable, that they don't know really what causes it, or even if you have exactly that or not as it could be something else, your just told its IBS and lumped into a group.

All I know is that I have symptoms, daily symptoms, weekly symptoms, trying to explain to the doctor is frustrating, but the pain and anger and anxiety over it, is not helpful to functioning a day to day life.

My problem at the moment is i am getting abdominal pain, which is painful, I have buscopan and I take it, but it doesn't seem to do anything, I have been to my doctor a few times and it has taken a while just to get anywhere, I am due an ultra sound tomorrow and I don't really know whats wrong with me, I have had these symptoms for a while on and off, but since the end if 2017 it has gotten worse.

I have looked on the internet and talked with my doctor about what could be wrong, many things have come up, but nothing concrete.

I may not have IBS or at least it feels that is isn't it in the traditional sense with the symptoms.

Other illnesses and diseases it could be, I have thought about, and i have tried to really think about what I am saying and feeling to get better diagnosed.

I don't know if anyone else has found this to be true, all I know is that I have had these symptoms as follows on and off.

*Noticeable bowl movements and sounds

*Abdominal pain

*Feeling of bloatedness

*Nausea - not exactly feeling sick but kind of

*Anxiety - i feel i am not causing the anxiety with my feelings or thoughts, that they come from the area as if being given the anxiety rather than myself creating it, as i do suffer from anxiety and know from many years what its like but this feels different and is fallen on death ears to the doctor.

*Muscle tension aches and or pains

*Gluten and\or Lactose Intolerance can be confusing, especially when i read that it could be those things and that they can produce symptoms hours or days later, so i cant be sure

I realise that it is early days, but I do not want this to ruin my life, my work, and relationships, for which it has significantly affected already, but I hope that

So are we being diagnosed with IBS or just grouped in because they don't know? can you relate to this, have you been through this and can offer me and others advice.

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Ibs is a term for a group of digestive symptoms. So as digestion starts in the mouth ending with anus. Any symptoms along the way are classed as ibs. (Once all things they can test for have been ruled out).

The reason there is no ibs test is because ibs don't exist. Which is why there is no known cure.

Iv spoke to loads over the years and the ones like myself that end up finding their root causes, addressing them, end up symptoms free and living a normal life.

Food intolerances is best to rule out 1st. As healing can't begin if invaders are going in.
(I just took a simple 45min test).

Some find they just had food intolerances as thier root cause.

Others won't be ao lucky and may have a whole list of things like i did myself.
Food intolerance, leaky gut, magnesium deficiency, adrenal problems, ph level problems, low digestive enzymes, bad fermentation problems.

The list of root causes is massive, here are some, food intolerances, leaky gut, celiac disease, allergies, histamine intolerance, pfd, bam/bad, sibo, ulcer, low stomach acid, h,pylori, overgrowth of certain bad or good bacteria/yeasts. infection, parasites,low digestive enzymes, high stomach acid, blood ph problems, Fructose malabsorption, neurotransmitters out of balance, hep c etc, lactose intolerance, intolerance to a1 protein in milk, gallbladder/pancreas problems, hormone problems, adrenal problems, heavy metals, stress and a lot more

3 people with exactly the same symptoms could have totally different root causes.

You got to find your root causes.

A practitioner who understands all the root causes for ibs symptoms is best to use

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Thank you for your advice and knowledge, that's certainly a lot to take in, I should start with food, see if I defiantly have some kind of intolerance, I didn't realise you can test for that? if so, isn't it expensive or time consuming, I did see an advert for something like that but through perhaps it was a con or placebo type of thing, i'm clearly inexperienced with this that's for sure.

Last year i had some problems with my respiratory and it turned out to be that i have a condition called post nasal drip, but i did have an x-ray and a blood test, the only other thing that was found was that my vitamin D was a little low, so i gave myself vitamins for a while to boost that, makes me wonder if the deficiency or the added vitamin is something that has to do with this now perhaps?

I had my ultra sound today and apparently it was only to look for gal stones, liver, and kidney problems, as I didn't realise they can't look at the bowel that way, they said nothing seemed out of the ordinary, I will have to wait a week for my results.

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My intolerance test was £45 in england.
Results were given there and then. My practitioner has been doing it years.

I took 2 at seperate clinics and mine matched.

I use to suffer post nasal drip, i always got bronchitis to and had asthma. Now i get none of that.

I will send you links on intolerance symptoms if you like and a link on the test i had.
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