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IBS reaggravated, please help/comment

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Alright, so for the last several weeks I have overall felt a substantial, not total, but good enough improvement in my IBS symptoms.Specifically, I have not felt as bloated.If you recall, I saw my GI doctor in late July at which time he put me dicyclomine, an anti-spasmatic.I took that for one cycle, it did not change too much, then I went off it.During those next few weeks, I felt a good drop in bloating.I was puzzled because not only was I not taking my medication, but I was also having some dairy and other treats on the weekends and some weekdays. I also was drinking alcohol, mostly drinks not beer.The conclusion I came to was that I was less stressed, and more relaxed during this time.I saw my drop in bloating being the result of having less stress and eating healthy, having a few cheat meals mixed in moderation.I want to point out that alcohol has been mentioned as a GI irritant, yet I notice when I have a vodka and tonic, I can feel instantly less bloated. Why? I am more relaxed.Conversely, if I have more than a couple beers, I get increased bloating, so I take that both food and stress cause problems.Now, last week, I think I might have gone too far.I have had some pizza, but normally I have 1-3 slices max a week, moderation.Last week I had about 5 slices of pizza one night, another 5 the next night along with a lot of beer, then I had a beer the next day, and then the next day I had a good amount of dairy.This entire week, despite the fact that in the days following this I have been eating healthy, I have had some of the worst bloating I can recall in recent months.I have been exercising, eating healthy, and less stressed.My question is, I would like to know what is going on, and what I can do to enjoy my time, not have my diet restrict me, but not have my IBS get reaggravated too.Here is my theory, I believe that eating healthy during the week, and feeling less stress have and will help my IBS. I beleive that if I have cheat meals in moderation, and done so at the right time, like when I am less stressed and sandwiched between good food, I should be alright.I am thinking that my bad bloating this week is because last week I over did it, and this destabilzied me.What I am not sure of is just how likely is it that almost a week later and for this whole week that eating bad for a few days last week could effect my body for this long, could this be the case?I do not understand, I have been doing fine eating cheat meals, so why did having back to back nights of 5 slices of Pizza and beer cause this?Is there anything I can do now to get my bloating away, or is this something where I am just going to have to go back, eat healthy, stay less stressed, and wait this out a few more days, how long, if the bad meals last weke caused this, will it take to get back to normal, and how likely is it those bad meals did this?
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Over-eating could lead to bloating. It is surprising that it lasted a whole week. But since you did it twice it may take up to a week for the food to be eliminated depending on your transit time. For e.g some people "go" only twice a week.
Hi Volatile: Some comments: Most foods don't phase me. However, I used to get cramps after every meal. (Now under control). There are a few foods that trigger my IBS some, but that usually happens right after I eat. I do go through phases. Maybe I'll be fine for a few days, then IBS acts up, then fine for a week, then IBS for a week, etc. I don't know what causes these patterns, but I don't think it's the food I'm eating. Maybe you're on a bad IBS week. Hope it's better now.
IBS can rear it's ugly head for no reason at all. I had my first "attack" in months last night which came out of nowhere. For a change I am not stressed, I was eating properly etc, etc. I think that sometimes it just comes back for no apparant reason.That's not to say that stress doesn't play a part in it. When I am stressed I am at my worst IBS wise and play it safe with my diet. I think yours was probably a combination of stress and too much "cheating". You can get away with cheating and eating junk like pizza once in a while but if you do it for a few nights or days running it will catch up with you. It's like it builds up in your system. Once won't hurt much but if you keep doing it then there are more and more poisons and junk in your system so you get sick again. I think even a normal person would feel pretty darn ill eating pizza all week!Have you thought about taking something to ease stress and anxiety. My doctor put me on an antidepressant 2 1/2 months ago and it has been the best thing I have had to date, stress wise and tummy wise.Hope this helps, try and eat healthy again and stick to cheating one day a week and I think you'll see better results for longer. Good luck
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Couple of things. It is your contention that my IBS flare up is likely due to the extra cheat meals?Do you think this is why or could it be the IBS just has bad weeks for no reason?My next point is, what can I do to get my IBS to improve right now, and what can I do to prevent reaggravation in the future, or can this not be accomplished?To the person who asked about anti-depressants, yes, I spoke with my doctor.He prescribed Lexapro, however I am not able to take an SSRI or any serotin increased medication, are there any good IBS anixety medications which are not an SSRI or cause people to get drowsy?
What should I do, eat healthy, have cheat meals in moderation, and wait this out?Is there anything I can do to expediate the recovery?I find the idea that having cheat foods builds up poision a reason for this.
Stick with what you know doesn't hurt you for a couple of weeks until you feel better again. Once you do then you can try adding in ONE cheat meal a week and see how you go. For me even one cheat usually hurts so I eat well always and occasionally weigh up the pro's and cons of having a cheat meal before I do it. (like I'll choose a weekend when I KNOW I'll be at home and have the cheat meal on Friday night so I can recover before I have to be out doing things again).Umm why can't you take SSRI's? I've tried 5 anti depressants and 3 months ago my doctor gave me Paxil which has worked wonders. All the other one's made me a lot worse though.There are other meds for anxiety. MAOI's are another type of anti depressant and other people on here take other one's. I don't know the names of them though being in Australia but I'm sure someone can help you with those.You probably can't make your recovery any faster. I've found slippery elm powder has helped me a lot for pain and for my bowel habits (i'm mostly a D though, not sure what you are).Hope this helps and hope you feel better soon
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So is there anything I can do to speed up the reovery, or I am going to have eat healthy and hold tight?
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