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IBS research study Los Angeles area $$$

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Cedars-Sinai Medical Center GI Motility Research is seeking men and women with IBS to participate in a research study focusing on potential treatment for this difficult condition. Your participation will be medically supervised. You will receive free non-invasive tests to assess bacteria levels in the gut.If you or a friend are interested in participating or would like moreinformation, please call the GI Motility Research Office at Cedars-SinaiMedical Center at (310) 423-3792 or (310) 423-0880.Compensation: $200
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contact your local medical clinics, quite often they have a trials in your area .
I contacted a study in my area for what I assume by what the nurse told me as for a new medication. She told me I would have to go ###19 days with no meds. I said no way, I would cheat and be like a junkie to get some anti-d meds before the time was up. Good luck on your study though!
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