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My name is Alba Griesbacker and I am currently a Project Manager for Rob Horowitz Focus Groups. We are a market research company located in NYC, our main purpose is to recruit consumers and medical professionals to participate in focus groups. We currently have a client that’s conducting an IBS Research Study on Tuesday, February 23rd and Wednesday, February 24th via phone. They are seeking to speak to patients that suffer from IBS, the interview will be for 45 minutes via phone and online . You will recieve $75 for your time. We operate to the Market Research Society Code of Conduct, which guarantees confidentiality and anonymity to respondents. All we are looking for are your thoughts and opinions.Please call us at our toll free # 888-392-5000. Thank you. Alba Alba GriesbackerRob Horowitz Focus GroupsTel: (212) 779-3633Fax: (646) [email protected]
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