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I think if you have a real intimacy with your other half, being honest is key here. They need to know how you feel. As far as you know, you're the only one hearing your tummy performing. That can be taken care of by music playing in the background. So much of enjoying the sex is being relaxed enough to get into it. Another thing you can do is hit the bedroom before dinner. One, it will surprise your other half, and they'll be turned on just by that.Skiingamy;wrap a really warm towel around you, especially hitting the tummy area while he rubs your back; it will relax the intestines and the muscles in your stomach, and hopefully relax you enough that feeling poorly won't be on your mind!
It's part of working on what will result in good sex, with good communication. It doesn't mean they'll be all excited because they're not getting it 7 days a week, but they'll accept it. Not too many out there want to give it up 7 days a week to begin with!!
And if you do, trust me, it won't last!!!
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