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Do you ever find yourself holding your breath while at school doing work? Never hold your breath while under pressure. Yawn, stretch, breathe, laugh, fart, breathe again to relieve tension. Your breath is all you've got.

Make a point to to care for your body. massage it. Do a self massage clockwise, focus on a pull up the right side in the morning. If you have a girlfriend at this moment, have a cuddle session with her.

You must be vigilant about KIDNEY HEALTH too as it's related to lower bowel health. For the kidney, drink swig of grape wine, grape wine vinegar, or eat a handful of whole cranberries near 6:00 pm (kidney time).

Bowel health is also related to letting go. Is there a guy/girl in life that your fixated over? You must take responsibility. If you do and never attempt to play the victim role, you will be just fine on this issue.

Remember, also, that everyone who is born is a winner by default and with continue to be a winner, unless that person chooses not to breathe.
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