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Since the beginning of the school-year, I've been experiencing IBS symptoms while on campus. My major complaint is frequent, odorous gas followed by incomplete (constipated, mucusy) bowel movements. While I do not experience any pain, the gas is uncomfortable and holds me back socially. Oddly, when I'm home over weekends my gas disappears. When I return to campus, I usually get a free pass until Wednesday. For the rest of the week, I'll have frequent bouts of gas.

I have tried to self-manage my IBS. I've gone about eliminating potential problematic foods (wheat, lactose, spicy foods, heavy insoluble fiber sources), dodging my school's water and cafeteria food, taking Beano, and ratcheting up my water intake. I also give myself time for morning movements (type 2-4 on the Bristol Stool Chart), jog regularly, and do not consume alcohol or drugs (prescription or recreational). However, these measures have not helped my bowel.

All I can link it to is my mental state. I experience anxiety and depression, which are compounded by the stresses of college. This stress plus the differences in environment sometimes interfere with my sleep patterns.

Beyond that, I'm at a loss. Physiologically, why might this be happening? Outside of heavy-duty laxatives or medication, what can I do to manage my symptoms?
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