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Hi RoseAnother Aussie girl here! I had a Barium Enema a month ago and believe me, it was possibly the worst experience I have ever been through! (Apparently a colonoscopy is much quicker and easier, but the waiting list on the public system is something like 1 year). THe x-rays were quite thorough (pictures of the bowel and colon from all angles) and, for me, they showed nothing unusual. Apparently they are only good insofar as they will rule out any other disease (such as cancerous growths, Crohns disease, bowel inflammations etc. - probably a good enough reason to get it done though!) Apparently they will not help diagnose IBS, just rule out anything worse.Good luck, and, if you get it done, be prepared for a few days of the worst diarhheoa ever (you have to clean out your system completely)Tree B
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