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Just wanted to pass along my experiences. I have Crohns disease. I have it "mildly" as I almost never show many symptoms. I began experiencing what I thought was IBS symptoms in Sept 2003. My gut began making the loud gurgling noises -- bloating, gas, but no pain. As time passed I began cramping and having D alternating with C. It seemed I had trigger foods of fructose and wheat. I was constantly "validating" my IBS symptoms by reading everyone's posts here. Plus, I was convinced my Crohns was not responsible since I thought I knew my body so well. My GI was sure it was Crohns but a blood test and a small bowel follow through were negative in Oct 2003. He even thought then it must be IBS too. Well, I just got sicker and anemic. I am writing this from my hospital bed where I have been 12 days with a severely obstructed small bowel due to Crohns. I will most likely have surgery next week to remove the blocked area. And,, a colonoscopy would not have necesarily found this since the obstruction is a few inches up in the last part of the small bowel.So, I just wanted to say that sometimes its not IBS even though it acts just like it.
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