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I am 62,had very extensive scoliosis surgery 2 years ago. I was on various OTC pain relievers which I notice mask the pain of ibs. When I finally didn't need them anymore I noticed the terrible cramps. I thought it was diverticulitis-especially after a very hot Indian meal which never bothered me before. I believe my ibs was relatively mild. But since that meal I have never been the same. My gastroenterologist gave me Cipro. I had a colonoscopy 3 years before that showing ibs so no further testing was done. On top of that I was on Crestor for cholesterol which has abdominal pain as a side effect.Two weeks ago I went to the hospital with such severe pain I was moaning-I had eaten pistachios. So far all my tests are negative except for some sludge in the gallbladder. I am waiting for the results of the pelvic ultrasound. I also get a chilly feeling with cramps but no fever. Can anyone relate to this?
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