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I have had this spasm "thing" for years, but it usually only lasted for a day or two. I have now been in the midst of this battle for ten months. My insides shake, multiple bowel movements (small, hard knots) and now and then watery stool. I have had all the scope,, CTScans, etc - all negative. I get light headed, shake like I am out in the snow-NAKED, and can no longer tell if this is causing the stress or visa versa. I can take anticholergenics and clonesapam, basically "zone" out - but this is unacceptable for the long term. I am a GrandPa, have a really great life in all respects, but this is getting the best of me. Everyone always say do the fiber thing. Fiber makes the spasms much worse, am I not trying it long enough? HELP!!!
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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