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I'm back!

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Well, I thought after taking the Flagyl, etc and having a few good days, I was cured. NOT! Going in for a colonoscopy Jan. 25. Cramping came back and no have diarhhea. Maybe not has bad as before, but bad enough.
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Yeah,that is not so easy.Me too i have had a week cured.I was in jail for 5 days,low food amount,low fructose,no smoking,Modulon...Well i thougth it was gone but no,it came back.
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Like Elvis says,i did it my way.It was not an easy one.
Hi Rick, I was looking for a previous thread and saw this one. I had a feeling your saga was not over yet.
Please let us know how your colonoscopy goes on Tuesday.
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Hi CrankyI will let you know, thanks!! Have to drink a gallon of yucking laxtive tomorrow.
Oh, what we go through just for the doctor to say they find nothing. How many colonoscopies, bariums, sigmoidoscopies have been wasted on us?!! No wonder the doctors hate us! Rick-I just had mine last year-I'm 32 and I regret it. Just to get the answer I knew I would get, but of course, we must feed our paranoid minds "maybe it's cancer" "maybe there's polyps" "maybe they will find something and cure me" It goes on and on and on and.......Read my latest post if you have the constipation.
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