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Hey friends,I posted a while ago my difficulties in finding a psychologist to see me. I have been improving with IBS, but many times when going out I've had feelings of being dizzy/nausea. Along with being scared to eat, I wanted to give something else a try.After reading guy's comments, I finally had success and a very good first session. I suggested Remeron, and have been on it for a few days now. I know you have to give this type of medicine time to help, but I've had some positive first steps in the first few days of giving it a try.Just a positive note that Remeron seems to be helping so far. I hope it will continue helping. :)).

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Good luck ErlingI'm on Remeron for depression. I have ibs-c, so I have to be careful about constipation. But for someone with IBS-D, this could definitely help. And unlike most antidepressants, this one has very few side effects.
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