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I cant stand feeling this way anymore. Its been almost 5 weeks since my last period (I'm 50 and perimenopausal), it "feels" like I'm gonna get it, has felt that way for almost 2 weeks. My tummy is in spasms, I'm C and I know I'm not gonna die or anything but I'm in a really bad mood. I had to take tissues with me today when I went shopping for a new watch, I was sweating so badly from hot flashes that I was afraid they were going to think I was contemplating jewel theft. I'm yelling at my husband (he left soda bottles in my car that are rolling around when I drive, almost got stuck under the gas pedal) and my son (who is 17 and presents a whole new set of teen challenges on my best of days) and even cuddling with my kitty isnt helping me. I feel like I'm gonna cry from a card commercial on tv. I know my "mood" isnt helpful to my IBS and I'm trying to stay calm, it isn't easy. Thanks for listening, I just HAD to vent....I know this too will pass, it cant happen SOON enough for me
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