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Hello!Im new here, and would like to tell you my story.Well, I'm not even sure if i have ibs.I have never been diagnosed with ibs, but i have these symptoms for about 2 years and 3 months. Everything started 2 years ago when i was in the hospital, because i had a spontaneous abortion, and the things got complicated.I was 24 then.The currettage was done for three times, and after that i stayed in hospital because of the antibiotics(infusion-Longacef) i had to receive.During that time i had the explosive diarrhea after each meal, but doctors subscribed that to antibiotics.After i came home, i felt some weird stabbings inside my rectum, and strong pain during my bm.I went to see the doctor, and he said that it could be fissure or hemorrhoids, and gave me some ointment, and after that i felt better.It is important to mention that maybe 15 days after i left hospital, i got the diarrhea again, with the fever, which lasted for 3 days, but doctors explained it as a reaction to the antibiotics, which i continued to drink after i left hospital.It is important to mention, too, that i've never had any problems with my bowels and bm.After that episode of diarrhea, i had no problems with bm for a year.I had only some mild pains(spasms) in my abdomen, especially in the mornings, and ocasionally some severe cramps, which lasted for a second, i didn't loose on weight, and i felt pretty normal, if i except those abdominal spasms, and ocasional problems with my anus and rectum( these are because of the hemorrhoids).I need to mention that, in that time, i was under a lot of stress(miscarriage, my father died of lung cancer, i was looking for the apartment to live with my boyfriend, studying for the exams..). With regard to my diet, i ate everything, and as a result of it, i had a lot of gases, flatulence, sometimes heartburn, sometimes i felt nauseous.Maybe i had to reduce my diet, but my way of life didn't allow me to.I the march 2009, things got really bad.I had a diarrhea for 15 days.It really exausted me.I ate nothing, for 15 days, only rice.I had bm for 10 times a day.There was no blood, only a lot of mucus.I had no pain in my abdomen, no fever.I lost on my weight.I did some analyses: blood sample, urin, stool.Everything was fine, my blood was good, actually very good, no anemia, everything was normal.The doctor prescribed me some probiotic and only this helped me.He suspected it was ibs.After this, i felt better, but my ocasional abdominal cramps continued(the peppermint tea helps me a lot), and sometimes, i had a morning's diarrhea, but sometimes i even had a constipation.I noticed that legumes bother me.When i eat this, i have a lot of gases, and i feel as my abdomen will burst.This feeling sucks.And i noticed ,that every kind of stress, if i get upset for something, my bowls get crazy
Three months ago, i really upset for something, and in the morning, i had 3 bm(diarrhea) in 20 minutes.I took Loperamid and it immediately stopped.The point is, that it so scared me that it will last for weeks again.I can't stop thinking about it, in first i thought that i have cancer( i would be death by now, considering that it lasts for 2.5 years), then i thought that i have IBD( which i'm still not sure i haven't), and maybe its just ibd.I know that i have to do some serious exams( btw i'm terrified of conoscopy, i live in the country where this is done without anaesthesia, and i even don't have medical insurance
) and so i live this way, day by day, waiting when it will strike me again.But most of the time, i don't feel so bad, it doesn't influence my life in large scale.Most of the people that surrounds me doesn't even know about this problem of mine.I only talk with my boyfriend about this and tnx god that we are open to each other, so we can do some activities
, withous a shame.Otherwise, my bowels would burst.I need to mention too, that when i have a morning's diarrhea, in the afternoon my stool is always normal( normal shape, colour...) and sometimes my stool is thin in the mornings.There are a lot of things which i cannot remember now, but the majority of my symptoms coincide, with what i've read here.Now i need your opinions.What do you think, is this ibs, or something more serious?? I would appreciate a lot if you answer me(i know that my post is long, but pleeease, read it).I know it is confusing, i'm writing it in random.And sorry for my language mistakes, english is not my first language.I hope that you will understand my problem, and maybe give mi some adviceI'm glad that i find this place, i can't believe that there are so many people with these problems.I hope that i'll get some comments soon.THANK YOU
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