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My Symptoms

Basically, I feel the constant need to pass gas. Before doing so, I would feel the gas rumbling and building up in my lower left abdomen. When I am not passing gas, I feel like I'm leaking gas. I personally don't smell any gas at all, but I feel it coming out and the body language of people around me tells me it smells. I sometimes have a odor coming out of my anus that smells like dead fish. This all stops for an hour or 2 after I poop, then it comes back.

Every morning, I wake up and poop. The symptoms go away for a few hours, but then slowly comes back and gets progressively worse throughout the day.

I sometimes see blood when I wipe, not sure if it's hemorrhoids or a ripped anus.

People around me were nice to not say anything, but when someone does mention the smell, I get all nervous and my face turns red.

What I've tried to do about it

I didn't tell anyone for a good 2 years because I was too embarrassed.

My family doctor was no help. He did was tell me I needed to exercise and prescribed me some fiber and stool softener.

He was really convinced that it had something to do with the food I eat, told me to cut off on the milk. The thing is, I've been eating these things all my life, my symptoms stay the same no matter what I eat.

I tried everything doctors have been telling me to do for a good year, no change. They've never attempted to diagnose me and kept telling me it was nothing to worry about.

My life social life is a mess right now. Throughout the years, I've lost so many friends and became really self conscious.

I still don't know what is wrong with me and I'm hoping to fix this before I go to college.
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