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I ask my doctor this every year...Is taking imodium (or sub) having any long term effects. Unfortuantly, for me to have a normal day with mild attacks I need to take two imodium pills in the morning with two fiber pills. Does anyone take imodium in this ritual fashion?
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You will find many posts on this throughout this BB but taking Immodium for extended durations is perfectly safe. The only thing that happens for some is that they seem to build up immunity to it.Tim
My Doc said it's OK for use daily for as long as needed. Others have said the same thing.For more info click on:
I was taking 2 immodiums at bedtime to stop morning "D" episodes,and it worked,but I became constipated,so my GI suggested metamucil to help and it did ,but after a few days I would get such a crampy,bloated feelings that I just couldn't wait for an episode of "D" to clean me out(sounds wierd huh?)but then I'd feel better.Sometimes I do the old routine,like when I'm getting ready for vacation,it helps.------------------ShyOne (D-type)
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