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Impacted Stool

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Hey, I'm 15 and am currently undergoing discomfort and was wondering if someone could confirm any fears I have and maybe offer a little advice.I'm in my summer holidays and have returned from a trip abroad earlier on in the week, I was away for about 4 days and during that time intook very much less liquid than I ususally would, I believe this has caused an impacted stool in my bowel as I have not visited the throne for about 7 days.Upon attempting to pass the stool, I find it impossible to actually get it out, I fear that I may tear tissue if I push any harder and have even attempted to coax it out by a little manipulation with my finger (don't worry, I wore gloves), although this didn't even seem to work.I have purchased some lactulose solution as I was informed that this was what I needed, as of a day of taking the medicine I have noticed no difference except a lot of wind.During the time this has been happening I have made sure to eat a lot of fruit, get a lot of water and still no joy.I am beginning to get worried (where is the food that I have been eating going?!) and if the medicine isn't working and my body isn't sorting it out itself, then what other option do I have? I would really like to get this over with, please please help!Thanks
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Maybe an enema? And if that doesn't work with a home one I might check with the doctor to see if it is time to get it taken care of by a medical professional.You can get enemas at the pharmacy.The osmotics help keep stool soft, but may not be able to get down to where the hard stool that won't pass is.K.
Ah okay, thankyou. I have never had this before, I am not even sure if I'm posting this in the right place!What sort of enemas? etc.Cheers
Well what they have you use to clean out the rectum/ lower part of the GI tract for a sigmoidoscopy or other stuff that just effects the last part of the colon (I've done this for a few tests, I'm usually on the loose end so I don't need them for constipation).Fleet's is the one I've used for bowel cleaning preps. Basically you put a fluid in the rectum that tends to make what is in there loosened up some and makes you tend to have to go. some info on it.
I have this prob quite a bit. I had one time where I thought I was gonna have to go to the hospital I was breaking out in cold sweats and started to panic. I just pushed really hard and it eventually came out. The diameter must have been as round as a tennis ball.I did end up ripping tissue and bleeding a bit but it did feel better to be out of me. I have since been diagnosed with a fissure and now I make sure nothing stays in me more than a few days.Fissures are pure hell, I couldn't sit for days. I do remember one instance when I was 9 or 10 I've had stomach probs for as long as I could remember. This is somewhat gross but I went to a gastro doc and he took his gloved finger lubed it up with something like K-Y Jelly or Petroleum and stuck it in me that lubed me enough so I could go.This time with the fissure I was constipated and the doctor said it would hurt to go but said to minimize the pain and make things slippy he told me to use Lanacane cream, put a tiny bit on a Q-tip just a tiny bit inside, there are ingredients in the cream that numb so it wont hurt as much.
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Some oral laxatives work by bringing water into the bowel, which will soften stools, however if you have impaction in your rectum and want rapid relief try either a Glycerine Suppository, which will soften and lubricate, or an oil enema (Arachis Oil are available in Pharmacies).If its bad see your doctor - you will probbaly be sent to the nurse who will have ways of dealing with this.....Then make sure you adjust your diet so it doesn't happen again.
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