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importance of a stool softener-sodium ducoae

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in your own experience with IBSc, how important is the use of a stool softener?The one I hear most success stories about is sodium ducoosate. In your management, do you take this product? do you take it regularly? Do you take it combined with a laxative. Incidentally, I am unfortunately having to deal with low back pain as wellas IBS for which I take oxycontin whcih is an opiate and causes constipation in additiomn to the IBS. ALways performg a balancing act as to the dosage of this drug to counter the effects upon the colon.
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Glbeck, I tend toward D myself. But I can tell you that any time I have to take any kind of pain med, I take 1 stool softener a day until I no longer need the pain med. I usually take the one without a laxative though.With C, & perhaps more than a brief use of a pain med, I dunno, I would ask your Doc if the stool softener with the laxative would be more helpful for you.BQ
BQ,Have you tried Fleet suppositories?? I used them, and they work well for my C.Jadair
Jadair, In my opinion a Fleet suppository is a bit extreme as a measure to prevent C. To me it is much less invasive to use a simple stool softener to prevent C while I am on any pain med.BQ
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