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in constant pain with IBs what they think i have!

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like i mentioned in my last post i could have 3 things wrong with me and have gone for 7 years withouta proper dignosis! this is wearing on me emtionally im trying to cope! i need support and encourgemnet! its affecting my emtional well being and some days my pain is stronger than my desire to keep going! but ima fighter for al that ive eben through! i glad i found this site becasue alot of my familya nd friends dotn totally understand ! theya re there but they cant symathize with me! since when i ahd my cancer surgery back in 04 and 05 they ahd to remove part of my colon and my small intestine and my doctor or surgon never mad eme got sea gasteraol in testional doctor to help with the adjustmenst i would ahve to make!
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