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Hello, I am a 15 year old girl from Lynchburg, VA. I have had IBS since I was 8 but it was not found until April 17th, 2003. I had gall stones and had surgery and it still bothered me so I went to UVA hospital where they told me I have IBS and have since I was probably about 8 when I first started getting painful stomach aches. I went through all the process to start helping IBS. It helped right at first and then my colon decided it wasn't going to work with the med. anymore. I went back July 8tth,2003 and the dr. just complained about my weight. I am overweight but it seems like it has a lot to do with this IBS. Also I was put on birth control to fix a prob at an early age or 10. I went off of it in April. The dr. says that the weight from that would have dis appeared by now but 3 other dr.'s disagree with that considering the age I was when I went on it due to heavy periods and I still have them but was tired of taking BC. Well I still have the weight issue though I excirse every day and most of the time eat the right foods, now at lunch I do not because by the time we get out of the lunch line in school I have 10 mins to eat and get to class. I always pick something fast and quick, say, cookies. Total of 400 calories but mind that I normally don't eat breakfast because it makes me sick at 5 am in the morning. We have not found anything that does not make me sick that early either. Anyways so when I went back to UVA they complained about my weight issue but other drs are saying its because my colon keeps expanding. It is extermly painful and My mother and I are tired of the fact that he is always telling me to lose weight. I know I need to but my weight manges to go from gaining 2 pounds in 5 days to gaining 5 pounds in a week and then as soon as I can use the bath room two days later the 5 pounds is gone. It is so painful that I miss school and I don't have any engery what so ever until I have some sugar. Sugar makes me feel better and its less painful during the day.But when I feel empty it hurts 10 times worse even though the weight goes down but I feel sick and of course tired from dealing with it so long. The meds that I have been taking which are too many to name aren't really helping. They help the first week or two but then slack off it seems. All of a sudden I go the bathroom all at once and then am really sick until I eat enough to get full again and am not hungry then I just have pain and sickness but not as bad as when empty.
The female dr.'s as I call them want to do a plevic however you spell that where they go up inside of you with a tool to see if anything is wrong with my "female" parts. But I am a virgin and REALLY don't want to be touched. Theres the background information on my probelm. so heres my ?ion.What do I do?
I haven't lost hope but I am getting annoyed and my teachers are getting annoyed with me for missing school. I can't go to the bathroom in school, they hardly let you even with a drs. excuse plus I am so private that I can't use the bathroom in school when other people are around I tense up and can not go. My friend told me about this thing where they can clean you out, her daughter had it done but she had to have surgery also. Whats the next step in what to do?
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