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I am in pain in my tummy AGAIN.... normally my IBS attacks last about 1-2 hours, I fall asleep and then im ok for a while. But this one has hung around for nearly four days now.... feel so ill. Ive tried panadol, neurofen, eno, water, rest I dont know what else to do anymore. Feel so ill :-( does anyone have a suggestion pleaseAlso i dont know what to eat, is there maybe 10 safe foods that are ok for most people... i was thinking- chicken- basmati rice- bananas- mushrooms- potato- carrotI cant think of anything elsePlease if anyone can help i need to sick feeling to fo away
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Some people have no safe foods, and it can depend if you have diarrhea or not.However that list tends to be OK, as long as you don't prepare any of it with a lot of fat. so a boiled potato may be OK, but a fried one may not.Have you ever tried peppermint tea? And are you fretting while you are resting? Relaxation techniques would be better than resting and fretting at it. If you are going to rest at least find something to distract your mind.Try to remember yours comes and goes and focus on it going away again. When my pain was bad it was every single hour of every single day for almost a year. That yours comes and goes is a good sign it will soon go away agin.
Yes I agree with Kathleen. My pain has little or nothing to do with what I eat. And it is severe nerve pain. I use imagery, self hypno, distraction, music & relaxation techniques & an antispasmodic to take the edge off..etc to manage my pain.
I have found the 2 tablespoons of Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar in a cup of water will calm your IBS down. When I have an attack it generally lasts from the first BM in the day and every 30 minutes thereafter for about 6 hours. It's as though my colon rejects everything that passes through. I have cramping, diarrhia and constipation for half the day. Sometimes I wonder how it's possible to go that much. If I take the ACV after the first BM and again at lunch time I can usually avert the painful attack.
Ah man your so lucky! I never get better from IBS, i've had mine every day for a year now (siverity comes and goes). Out of personal experience i'd say stay away from anything fatty or greasy (I know its oober tempting but stay away from McyD's
I always want their fries when i'm sicker DX), but for some people even the act of eating triggers it. (Mint tea is a good soother, btw, when you get over a particularly painful session) Do you take in enough fiber? I eat one FiberOne yogurt everyday and have 2 FiberChoice chewable tablets everyday and take in lots of water, i'm not saying that will cure you, but i've been recovering quicker than normal when I take it. I also mind-numb myself and listen to something I don't have to pay attention too (like a movie you've seen so much that you don't even need to watch it and then just drone). All-in-all, you might be like me and not get better for a while (sorry i'm just saying the truth), but that doesn't mean you should wallow, ok? You gotta do what you need to do as long as you can stand up without needing to prop yourself up on a table. CONSTANT VIGILENCE! Wallowing will make you worse, cause your stomach is connected to your head/emotions. Work hard and never give up! I shall pray for you <3
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Hi,I know when things were bad I stuggled to eat anything really. I found anything too greasy like Kathleen said, made things worse. The only thing that I really found helped was the immodiums and I took them everyday. This made things more settled than without them and kind of gave me a routine. You haven't said whether you take anything when your ibs is playing up?A hot water bottle always helped me as well. As well as not eating anything too spicy - you might know of foods that aggrivate you already. Be careful of the fibre advice though. Fibre always made things 20 times worse for me so if you are going to try upping your fibre intake perhaps do it gradually. If you usually only get a few days a time then I'm sure it will start to all settle down in a few days. Hope you feel better soon.
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stay away from the nuriphen that will make it worse.
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