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inconsistent IBS - C? pain 2in above bellybutton

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Hi-I am 22 years old right now and have had issues with my stomach for about a year and a half. It seemed to start when I was studying abroad my junior year in college in Paris. Initially, I felt like too much red wine must have damaged my intestine lining - the day after ingestion my stomach felt super acidic, bloating, loose, stools, and it just got more bloated and painful by the end of the day. My boyfriend and I called my stomach buddha! Over the last 2 years it's just gotten worse - but it's different now. alcohol just seems to be one of the triggers. and now it turns into a week long ordeal that reminds me a lot of the IBS -C complaints I've heard. I don't get fully constipated, but it feels like I have a big golf ball about 2 inches above my bellybutton, right under/behind my ribcage. and i massage it and rub it, which helps for a second, but then it just comes back. It sort of feels like a big knot. No matter what I do, it seems to last about 5 days, and I don't know what starts it any more. Sometimes I can have alcohol and be fine. so i don't think it's just that. other times it just starts without any warning. it feels like my stomach is exhausted from holding a BM in or something like that. or maybe it's a big gas bubble. I don't know. and i've been to a couple of gastroenterologists and have had a colonoscopy, barium, mykel's scan. nothing. and i have been checked for blood in the stool and that's also negative (except one of a huge bunch that's been positive). It's so frustrating - i try not to talk about it because i know my friends are sick of hearing all about my stomach issues. but when it strikes it just hurts when i eat, so i always feel like i have to let them all know b/c it's uncomfortable going out to dinner or lunch and me not ordering anything or something little. it usually gets worse towards the end of the day. but when i wake up the ache remains and is better if i don't eat much in the morning. but i don't know how to make it go away. i started taking mylanta occasionally if i know i'm going to have more than one or two drinks. and that helps the other problem - but nothing helps when this ab pain strikes. i'm scared b/c i definitely lose weight. I already eat super healthy (for a while i followed that book - fit for life - which seemed to help, but it would still strike unexpectedly (about once or twice a month)). and i exercise regularly. I used to play lacrosse for dartmouth college and senior year i would have to drink ensures so that i would get energy if i had a stomach ache and couldn't eat enough. the weird thing is, when i do get it, i'm not hungry and i don't get tired, my blood sugar doesn't feel low or anything. When i feel good, I go BM at least three times a day (probably more). I still go when i have a bout of the pain, but it feels like major relief to go and then the pain just comes right back afterwards, like there was still something stuck up there. anyways, i'm sorry this is so long, but i'm getting VERY frustrated. I'm in China, teaching, and just had my first vacation. the whole week, i had the stomach pain and i truly do become "irritable" and it makes life just kind of stink all around for a few days - especially when nothing seems to work. Can you be constipated and still go a little (it's long slender loose stools when i go, or tiny loose things). would fasting help - make it leave faster? do you know what it is? any medication? I've even been considering studying nutrition and getting my masters when I get back to the states, just so i don't feel so in the dark and can actually take a proactive step and maybe help others. Thanks! sorry so long. a lot of venting!!
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