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BOY, I felt like I was reading my own post!! I am really struggling with this as well. I have become EXTREMELY afraid to leave home after 3 embarrassing accidents in public within the last year. I've been hold up in this house for 4 months (minus one trip to my Mom's house for Christmas dinner, and I only made it THERE because they live just 5 minutes away...) because of it. I have become very withdrawn, depressed, afraid and just paranoid in general. I have cancelled 2 doctor's appointments because of my fear to go out, and I wish I'd kept them now. I have an appointment Thursday that I am GOING to keep. If I have to strap on an undergarment, then I will just do that. I know that if I don't get ahold of myself now, I'll never leave home again, and that is a scary thought. So believe me, I can understand 100% what you're going through. Scan through some of the "Most Embarrassing Moments" topics, and you will quickly see that you're not alone. There's been some debate here on the bulletin boards about whether those stories actually help or hurt. I personally benefit just from knowing that I'm not alone, and knowing how other people react in these situations. I will try to find those topics and bump them up for you. You are not alone
I'm right there with you...please email if you would like to talk some more!!
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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