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what have people found helpful for a colon that seems inflamed?
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What gives you indication that it is inflamed?
swelling, cramping, and pain worse than usual
It you're truly inflamed then this isn't IBS. Real inflamation comes only with IBD (Inflamatory Bowel Disease) and the like.If this is new for you get it checked out.If you're pretty sure that it only feels that way but isn't really then a hotwater bottle and a bland diet might help.
You need to get this checked out by a physician to rule out colitis. Best of luck.
HEY TINKERBELL....What Marty said...I second the motion.Let us know what the doc says and be well..MNL___________ HEY TINK!I just saw on another thread you have diverticulosis. If this pain is sudden-onset you know your diverticuli might be getting infected. Please go see the doc. I have IBS and DIV too but have kept my DIV from flaring up seriously for more than 8 years. And I know the unique pain that comes from that. Feels differnt than the IBS pain.Call the doc please. Oh, I'm sorry I think I already said to call the doctor before didn't I. Sorry to have repeated "call the doctor" accidentally.[This message has been edited by Mike NoLomotil (edited 11-14-2000).]
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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