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meckle,i am glad you posted that link. i am going to slow down on the garlic consumption. i went from 1 clove every other day to 3 or 4 cloves per day. I no longer trust that it is safe except in small amounts, and i may switch to the aged kyolic.This proves my point that I am fighting this illness blind and I have also stated my desire to not have to take the herbs because of possible side effects. however, they seem to keep some of my symptoms in complete remission like gas and cramping.MNL,is there any chance you could give us a brief synopsis (2 sentences) of what dr keith eaton has stated in chapter (21????) of brostoff's book. I am dying to know but I don't want to buy the book just yet. eventually i opinion is that people can develop a hypersensitivity along with an overgrowth of fungus/yeast in their colon and maybe the small intestines. under the correct circumstances this overgrowth will cause multiple problems. I think a lot of it depends on the person's unique genetic makeup.the mayo clinic findings on fungus and sinusitis was fascinating. they showed a strong (undeniable) link between fungus and an atypical immune responce to the fungus. elevated eosinophils were found in almost every case. I strongly suspect that this could play a strong role in some IBSers symptoms.
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